What is Interactive Voice Technology (IVT)?

Interactive Voice Technology is an integrated hardware upgrade on both the Mini Android PC and the iPazzPort Voice equipped Keyboards. iPazzPort is the only manufacturer capable of delivering this exciting, proprietary technology.

Interactive Voice Technology allows you to use speech recognition software and internet based phone services directly from your Keyboard. Either with your existing personal computer or when bundled with one of our Mini Android PCs , IVT surpasses other regular keyboards on the market today with its flexibility in meeting the latest functionality of today’s software applications.

What can you do with IVT?

Maximize the Capability of your Multimedia Experience with IVT. Create content, suggest web searches, dictate documents, initiate internet phone calls, and listen to music all from your iPazzPort Keyboard.

Our Voice Equipped iPazzPort Keyboards* and Mini Android PCs bring the sound of your voice and the power of the PC to the palm of your hand.

*iPazzPort Commander Voice (810-18BVR and 810-18VR), iPazzPort Boss (810-05V) and iPazzPort Wave Fly Air Mouse (810-16AV) models.

Skype, Google Talk and QQ Integration

Skype, Google Talk and QQ are software applications that allow users to make voice and video calls and chat over the Internet directly from their computers. Calls to users within the same service are typically free, while calls to both traditional land-line telephone and mobile phones can be made for free or for a discounted fee. These services have also become popular for their additional features which can include instant messaging, file transfer and video conferencing.

Originate and answer phone calls with your iPazzPort keyboard by utilizing IVT through the built-in speaker and keyboard like you would a traditional telephone handset. If you require privacy, simply plug in your headphones with in-line microphone. While participating in a call, the keyboard still allows for full operation of your PC, Mini Android PC or other connected device.

Speech to Text Recognition

Speech Recognition software makes it easier for anyone to use a computer. As you talk, the software recognizes your voice and types the words you speak, enters coordinates for GPS directions, launches applications, manipulates a mouse, and helps you get work done faster. This is great for people with limited mobility, arthritis or physical handicaps.


Interactive Voice Technology allows you to integrate multiple software tasks into your business or home environment and combine the Internet with Mobile Android Apps and PC Apps. Conduct a Skype call from your iPazzPort while you use the full QWERTY keyboard to type an email or share a link via instant message. Open dual windows on screen and watch and listen to a movie in one window while typing a paper or researching related content in another. And complete these tasks not from your office chair, but from the comfort of your couch or recliner with a Mini Android PC linked to your big screen TV.