iPazzport Mini Android PC Bundles

iPazzPort provides something no one else can:

A bundled Mini Android PC and iPazzPort Keyboard Bundle that includes built-in Interactive Voice Technology, a fully featured Android PC and an industry leading iPazzPort Voice Enabled Keyboard. Quit wasting your time surfing manufacturer’s websites, Amazon and eBay looking for the right combination of Android PC and Keyboard. Instead, look to iPazzPort for a specifically paired package of components that will have your TV alive with content and your family room filled with enjoyment.

iPazzPort Family Bundle (SY-16-18VRC)

The most complete offering of its kind, this bundle comes complete with iPazzPort’s Royal Processor powered Mini Android PC, a KP-810-18VR Commander Voice 2.4Ghz Keyboard with Learning IR Remote Control and a Logitech C-110 webcam. Plus, we supply and HDMI extender cable, all USB charging cables, a 3 port USB hub and A/C power supplies for all devices.

Connect the Android PC to the extender, insert the extender cable into the HDMI port of your TV, and attach the USB hub to the USB input of the Android PC in step one. Next, connect the iPazzPort’s USB receiver dongle and USB webcam to the hub and mount the webcam to your TV. Finally, power on the iPazzPort and in mere minutes your Android PC is alive, active and ready for action.
Want to put it to the test? Click on the Skype app, dial a friend or business partner and use the webcam for a full video conversation from the comfort of your Family Room

iPazzPort Traveler II Bundle (SY-16-18VR)

Driven by the same Royal Processor and 18VR iPazzPort keyboard, this great bundle provides all of the components of the Family Bundle less the Logitech Webcam.

iPazzPort Traveler I Bundle (SY-16-05V)

iPazzPort changes it up one more time by including in this bundle the KP-810-05V Boss Voice Keyboard. With its vertical orientation, iPazzPort brings back the form factor of its Original iPazzPort keyboard with a larger touchpad placed at the top of the keyboard and the full QWERTY layout conveniently placed below.
With IVT integrated into the components of this bundle as well, iPazzPort again surpasses all other Keyboards on the market today!