“Smart TV” is generic term describing hardware devices and software offerings that bring familiar tablet and smart phone apps like Netflix, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter to your existing TV through an internet connection.

Integrated Smart TV

Many TV manufacturers bundle these popular apps as built-in offerings on new HD and LED televisions. A manufacturer specific offering tends to be limited to proprietary applications and leave little or no room for your own preferences or downloads. There is little or no cost for the addition of this integrated, but limited, content.

[iPazzPort is not compatible with many Integrated Smart TV offerings, including Samsung Smart TV]


Set Top Boxes

Set top boxes are available in many shapes and sizes from several manufacturers and offer more content than built-in Smart TV offerings. Set top boxes have a fixed purchase cost and typically have monthly fees associated with them to access their menus and directories. Many are built upon proprietary software and have limited compatibility with apps and content from outside developers.


Google TV

Google TV leverages Google’s Android operating system which provides the underlying foundation for developers allowing them to create applications that extend the system’s functionality. Google’s Chrome browser provides a gateway to the Internet, allowing consumers to browse web sites, watch television and access content from providers through the Chrome browser.

Partners have built applications that allow customers to access content in unique ways. Google TV must be viewed via a Google TV set top box, allowing for access to the Android Market which increases the amount of content from live TV and other free and pay sites for content solely supported in the Android Operating environment. Google TV boxes add more flexibility to your viewing enjoyment with a greater focus on web search and the Google Chrome browser.

[iPazzPort Keyboards with RF connectivity are designed to work directly with Google TV and the Android OS]

Compatible Models: KP-810-10A, KP-810-16R, KP-810-16A, KP-810-16AV, KP-810-18VR, KP-810-18R, KP-810-19


HTPC stands for “Home Theatre Personal Computer” and is the most flexible of the new generation of TV and Movie viewing options. HTPC is built around the connection of a media server or Personal Computer to a high resolution TV, monitor or projector. Added to the system can be high capacity DVRs, PC based surround sound systems, and dedicated A/V components often associated with the traditional Home Theatre environment. HTPC systems are highly functional, infinitely customizable and routinely complex.

[The iPazzPort Mini Wireless Keyboard is there to make sense of it all and is compatible with ALL PC based Home Theatre Systems.]

Savvy consumers are now bypassing traditional cable and satellite television services and creating their own entertainment platform at a fraction of the price and using an iPazzPortKeyboard to direct the action.

[iPazzPort Keyboards with RF connectivity are designed to work directly with Google TV and the Android OS]

Compatible Models: KP-810-10A, KP-810-16R, KP-810-16A, KP-810-16AV, KP-810-18VR, KP-810-18R, KP-810-19

Mini Android PCs

Mini Android PCs are the newest and most flexible of all the Smart TV options and combine the versatility of the Android Operating System, the freedom to download any applications you desire through the Google Play Store, and a small, convenient form factor barely noticeable in your Home Theatre setting.

Mini Android PCs are the size of your thumb, plug directly into an HDMI slot and are portable and functional. They pair directly with any iPazzPort with RF connectivity and can be enhanced with iPazzPort’s industry exclusive Interactive Voice Technology.

[iPazzPort has designed the KP-810-18VR Commander Voice and KP-810-05V Boss Voice with Interactive Voice Technology (IVT) to integrate seamlessly with our Mini Android PC Bundles for quick plug and play capability.]

Other iPazzPort Keyboards compatible with Mini Android PCs include: KP-810-10A, KP-810-16R, KP-810-16A, KP-810-16AV, KP-810-18VR, and KP-810-19.

[Please note: most Mini Android PCs DO NOT HAVE BLUETOOTH PROFILES BUILT IN and it is unlikely that our Bluetooth Keyboards will function properly with Mini Android PCs.]